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It is a common thing for people to suffer from pain after root canal. This is true because I personally experienced that. When you were  still a kid, your parents probably have told you to brush your teeth often, particularly after every meal and before going to bed.

Many people would wish that they should have listened to their parents back then, especially if they are presently suffering from toothache. This could be true also to those individuals who are sitting on a dentist’s chair before they undergo a root canal treatment. This treatmeant is also referred to as endodontics.

  • Root Canal Defined

Probably, some people do not have any idea about root canal, so they would end up asking the question what is a root canal. For those individuals who don’t know yet what root canal is, then this could be a better understanding.

A root canal is normally characterized by the space found within the tooth’s root. It is a part of the naturally found space inside one’s tooth. A root canal is consisting of a pulp chamber (inside the tooth’s coronal part), the primary canal/s, and the very complex anatomical branches connecting those root canals to one another, or perhaps to the root’s surface.

At the middle of each tooth found is the hollow area housing some soft tissues, which include blood vessels, connective tissues, and the nerve. That hollow space is consisting of a moderately wide space with the coronal part of your tooth, known as a pulp chamber.

Those root canals pass through the middle of the roots, which is similar with the way a pencil lead passes through the pencil. The pulp gains nutrition with the help of the blood vessels, along with the sensory nerves that are bringing back the signals to your brain.

However, today, the term root canal is also used to denote a certain treatment. It is the treatment done for repairing and saving a tooth, which becomes infected or is poorly decayed.

During the procedure of a root canal, the pulp and serve are removed from which the inside sections of the tooth is being cleaned and then sealed. Without applying this treatment, the surrounding tissue on the tooth will be infected from which abscesses might develop.

The pain that a person may experience both after and during a root canal is terrible. I’m not scaring you with this, yet this is the truth based on what I have experienced.

You may also experience post root canal pain, which is felt after the treatment. However, there is nothing for you to worry about because your dentist will do something to let the affected area feel numb during the entire process. Through this, you won’t be able to feel anything except for some tingles and some tiny pokes of the needled they’ll poke into your tooth’s cavity.

Pain after Root CanalThe pain would be comparable to an ant’s bite. Therefore, there will be no severe pain that you will feel during the process. However, the problem may arise when some people suffer from tooth pain after root canal. If you are asking “does a root canal hurt?” well during the treatment, it doesn’t but after it will be the real issue.

  • Possible Causes Of Root Canal

There are times when one’s teeth ache, causing almost unbearable pain. This is particularly true with the  after root canal pain. In order to relieve this pain, the medical specialist will provide you some sort of analgesic.

The procedure of doing root canal is done so as to get rid of the bacteria that destroy the teeth. Doing this will probably save your tooth from decay. Because of some bacterial infection, the tooth’s pulp may begin from decaying. Therefore, through the help of root canal procedure, those tooth canals are being cleaned up.

Some of the people suffer from after root canal pain procedure. This is mainly for the reason that the bacteria that are currently dying within the cured tooth get rid of a toxin even before they become expired. It is the toxin that causes someone to feel the pain after the process has been executed.

Another cause of the pain may include the process of healing. This process occurs after doing the treatment. If your tooth has been badly infected before the carrying out the treatment, then the duration of the healing process is quite longer. This is what brought pain after root canal. The pain could be either sensible or serious depending on the severity of the infection.

You may also feel a moderate pain within the cured tooth whenever you use that side for eating. This is maybe because of the food components that disrupt the process of healing. You may talk with your dentist about this instance, and then perhaps you should avoid using that side when eating. You may certainly do this in order to avoid root canal complications to arise.

Another common reason why you might feel some pain after the procedure is that even if the affected nerves have been eliminated, the nerves that are surrounding that space outside the tooth are the ones to trigger the development of pain.

If pain takes place after carrying out the treatment procedure, the very first thing you should do is to inform the dentist. He/she should provide you a form of medication, commonly analgesic, in order to remove the pain. In addition to this, you should avoid consuming anything too cold or too hot from that portion.

This should be considered because the tooth may feel pain even more. When there is swelling in the root canal, then your dentist should provide you ibuprofen in order to cure it. A drop of clove oil on the affected area could also be a great alternative for removing the pain. You must avoid eating from the affected side, before your dentist fills the cap.

Therefore, with the above mentioned pieces of information about root canal, you should be aware about it further. You should keep them in mind as always in order for you to become prepared at all times. By knowing about these things, it will be easier for you to deal with the pain after root canal.